Parents’ group pressing Springboro school board

Parents are planning to speak and present a letter tonight to the Springboro school board.

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Parents are planning to speak and present a letter tonight to the Springboro school board.

The Springboro school board is expected to be presented with a letter and petition from a new parents’ group at today’s school-board meeting — an effort apparently regarding citizen treatment by the board of education.

Members of the group reportedly are among 10 "prearranged" speakers expected to address the board during a public comment portion of tonight's meeting.

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The group is expected to submit a letter and petition bearing signatures of “more than 100 parents” urging the board and administration to respond to questions raised at past board meetings and be transparent in their actions.

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“Unfortunately, when parents have spoken up or asked questions throughout this school year, they often were marginalized. On numerous occasions, school administrators have dismissed parent concerns stating the questions are only coming from ‘a small group of parents.’ In fact, many parents are still waiting for an answer to questions asked weeks and even months ago,” the group said in a letter to parents posted online.

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Efforts to reach members of the group were unsuccessful.

The message encourages parents to sign the petition to be presented along with a letter to the board.

“If healthy dialogue and communication with administrators and the board cannot be established, there is a risk of returning to the divisive politics of the past,” the letter said.

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On Tuesday, school officials indicated they had received no petition yet from the group.

“Community and parent participation is always welcome. We are looking forward to a productive board meeting tomorrow evening,” Neej Mescher, the district communications coordinator, said in an email response to questions about the group’s concerns.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. today in the library of the Springboro Junior High School.

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