12 days, 3 student deaths: Local schools using grief counselors in the wake of recent events

Unexpected student deaths saw grief counselors Tuesday deployed to two area schools.

It was the third time in 12 days grief counselors were sent to local schools to help classmates, teachers and school parents deal with the untimely death of students.

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A Carlisle High School student was identified as the teenager hit and killed Tuesday morning by a CSX train in the Warren County school system.

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And counselors were also at Lakota Schools’ Liberty Junior School in Butler County after a student died unexpectedly.

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Earlier this month, the therapy professionals were at Warren County’s Kings High School to provide aid and comfort in the wake of a student’s death.

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Procedures vary among school districts.

Some contract with local mental health counseling agencies and bring in those personnel as needed.

Others may have some school counselors trained and certified in mental health and grief counseling.

Teachers are often key in this process because they know their students and can be the first to spot the signs of sadness, anxiety or depression that can follow the death of a classmate or school staffer, school officials said.

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