Court postponed for Lakota school board member accused of violating restraining order

LIBERTY TWP. — An arraignment for Darbi Boddy, a Lakota Local Schools board accused of violating a restraining order, was delayed Wednesday.

Fellow school board member Isaac Adi filed the restraining order against her earlier this year, alleging Boddy was stalking him.

In court, where Boddy was supposed to be arraigned for an alleged violation of that order, her attorney raised issues related to conflicts of interest. After a side bar with the attorneys, the judge announced he would recuse himself from the case.

Boddy’s defense attorney said the prosecutor could also have a conflict of interest in this case, because they usually represent school board members in legal issues.

Once the judge announced his recusal, it was said in court that a decision on who to appoint to preside over Boddy’s case would likely be up to the Ohio State Supreme Court.

The protection order, filed because Adi alleged Boddy was stalking him, prevents Boddy from going within 500 feet of Adi until September 2025.

Adi’s lawyer alleges Boddy violated the restraining order earlier in November by attending the same conference in Columbus and coming within 500 feet of him.

The order was issued by the Butler County Common Pleas Court after evidence in the case was presented before a judge. The order itself says Adi filed the request for the protection order after Boddy’s actions caused him distress that resulted in hospitalization.

The order says Boddy, despite two investigations that revealed nothing, continued to claim Adi was in support of a pedophile, calling him out in various public spaces.

According to the order, Boddy called Adi out during an April conference in Florida before “reading from a prepared statement to a crowd, which on at least two of those occasions consisted of 200 to 300 attendees.”

One of those instances happened during a question and answer session at the conference, “which based on the evidence submitted was no an appropriate time to do so,” the protection order says.

Another incident happened in June after a meeting with other school board members. The order says Boddy followed Adi after a meeting and filmed him at close quarters while expressing she was upset about derogatory remarks about her.

Then, in August, after Adi had already filed for the protection order, Boddy began filming Adi again, while asking him about why he stepped out of a committee hearing to take a work-related call, the order says.

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