Journal-News: Helping through hard times

The Journal-News is making several changes this week to make it even more of a vital resource for readers and their families during the coronavirus quarantines.

Coronavirus News: Our first section has become exclusively for stories from Butler County, the state, nation and world about the latest coronavirus news and how we're living through this time. It will have regular articles about how to help, how to get help, and the latest news. Our entire newsroom is devoted to this work. The business news, Ideas and Voices page and news from the nation and world is moving to the B section.

Education at Home: Beginning Monday our Life sections will also include new education content. It will give parents and other caretakers stories, games, puzzles, quizzes and tips for helping elementary-age students continue learning. It will also include links to online education resources for all grades that have been made available to our subscribers through our partners at the national Newspapers in Education program.

All hands approach: Our sports staff has also been redeployed to help us keep pace with the impact of recent events. Editor John Boyle, reporters Dave Jablonski and Marcus Hartman and key columnists like Tom Archdeacon are going to be focusing on the impact of the quarantines to all of our lives.

Digital updates: Our ePaper edition at is now updated every afternoon, and subscribers are receiving a new daily coronavirus email digest of the latest news every afternoon.

There will be more changes likely ahead - for us as a community and for the Journal-News. We are going to get through this time together, and the Journal-News is committed to being your best local source for news and information that helps our community succeed.

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