Jacksonville Zoo's babies reach milestones

Credit: Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Credit: Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

It’s a girl!

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has determined Scotter, the Asian small-clawed otter pup, is a female. She was born in November, and is now crawling on her own and independently moving in and out of her nest box. The zoo says she will start to be introduced solid foods soon.

The zoo debuted this species in 2014, and Scotter’s birth is a first.

Meanwhile, Gandai, the baby Western lowland gorilla, has four teeth, is eating soft solid foods, and is getting new items to eat every few days, in order to test for food allergies. The zoo says she is getting better at clinging and is working toward walking.

The zoo's staff is helping to raise Gandai because her mother is hearing impaired and doesn't always properly handle the baby.

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