‘It all worked out’: Fenwick freshman’s business gets thousands of orders after ‘Shark Tank’ appearance

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

MIDDLETOWN — A 15-year-old Fenwick High School freshman and his father were scheduled to appear on “Shark Tank” Aug. 3 in Las Vegas until producers called and asked if they could move their appearance back one day.

The show was adding guest Shark Blake Mycoski, founder of TOMS shoes.

Carson Grill and his father, Jason, are glad they waited.

“It all worked out,” Jason Grill said.

It was Mycoski who agreed to invest $150,000 for 17.5 percent of their paint-storage invention, Touch Up Cup, which keeps paint from becoming clumpy so it can remain fresh for more than 10 years. The season premiere of the ABC show aired Friday night, and by Sunday, Jason Grill said they had received thousands of orders from around the world on their web site.

Two sharks, Mycoski and Daymond John, both were interested in investing in the company. The father said Mycoski possesses “a great business mind.”

On Friday night, the family hosted a watch party for family and friends in the backyard of their Liberty Twp. home.

Carson said they signed a non-disclosure agreement with the show saying they wouldn’t talk about whether their product received an investment until the show aired.

He expects to be “bombarded” with questions from his classmates when he returns to class this morning. Once he has answered them, he expects “a normal” day of school.

There was nothing normal about their stay in Vegas. They were there for 11 days, and they spent the entire time quarantined in their Venetian hotel room. They only experienced the Strip walking from the transportation van into the lobby.

While in their hotel, Carson and his father played lots of Monopoly games and watched episodes of “Shark Tank.”

“It was great bonding together,” the father said.

“It was great,” his son said.

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