Icy pavement possible to start; Flurries, freezing rain, drizzle expected throughout today

Today we will see light precipitation left over from yesterday’s snows, bringing a mix of flurries, freezing rain and drizzle as temperatures change throughout the day, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Freezing rain and flurries could cause icy pavement for the morning commute.

This morning we will have a slight change of snow and freezing rain to start, gradually changing to drizzle around noon. After the sun goes down remaining chances of drizzle will change to light snow flurries.

Otherwise, skies will be cloudy all day, with highs reaching around 34 degrees. We will have some light wind, pushing wind chill levels down into the upper 20s.

After the sun goes down, clouds, snow chances and winds will gradually decrease as temperatures fall to around 26 degrees.

By Friday morning, skies will be partly sunny. The NWS said that winds will be light and variable, and temperatures will rise to around 38 degrees. Clouds will rise again somewhat as the day goes on.

Friday night, the NWS said skies will be mostly cloudy, and temperatures will fall a little but to around 30 degrees.

In the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning, the NWS predicted that clouds will increase even further for an overcast sky as the sun comes up. Conditions will be somewhat breezy, and there will be a chance of rain starting around noon, lasting far into the night before fading away.

Temperatures on Saturday will be warmer than the prior few days with a high around 43 degrees, though once the sun goes down temperatures will drop back down to around 34 degrees.

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