Here’s how to nominate the next Hamilton Citizen of the Year

Being the 2021 Hamilton Citizen of the Year was “awesome” and “a big honor” for Pinball Garage owner Brad Baker, though there were some embarrassing moments for the humble man.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged sometimes, but if you’re not super egotistical, it’s also a little embarrassing sometimes,” he said, adding that he doesn’t do what he does to get attention or credit. An example of what Baker had done in 2021 was to be the first of several area businesses that offered venues and space to Hanover Reserve for weddings and receptions after a devastating fire.

While he couldn’t quantify what the honor meant for his business, it did reaffirm to Baker the direction he was taking Pinball Garage was in the right direction.

“We don’t do the things we do to get the extra business, but I know personally, if I hear cool things about a business, it makes me want to support them more. It’s just kind of the nature of things,” he said. “If you like supporting local community stuff, it’s always good to try to support folks who are doing their best to do good things around town.”

It’s now time to bestow that “big honor” onto another person at the next Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce annual dinner at the end of January. Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce President Dan Bates said honoring what he calls “silent heroes” is “very important” for the community.

“We have local heroes that are doing incredible things every day, most of the time volunteer,” he said. “No rewards, no pats on the back, and I think it’s a great opportunity for those silent heroes who make things happen to be honored.”

The Citizen of the Year is a member of the Hamilton community who has left a special mark on the city in 2022 and has done so in a way that transcends his or her everyday job. The contribution can represent a volunteer effort, a financial commitment, a significant achievement, or a powerful idea that will make a positive difference in the local quality of life.

The winner will be honored by the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Journal-News at the chamber’s annual meeting on Jan. 27. The Citizen of the Year will be selected by a committee of representatives from the Journal-News and chamber. A $1,000 donation will be made to a charity in the name of the recipient.

The committee’s decision is based solely on the details provided in the nomination form, which can be found at Bates said this is an opportunity for the people who work side-by-side with these Hamilton champions to recognize their efforts.

All nominations must be received by end of the day on Dec. 2.


There are two ways to nominate a person for the 2022 Hamilton Citizen of the Year.

One, fill out the Google form online by Dec. 2

Two, download and either mail or hand-deliver the completed form to the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce by Dec. 2.

Both ways to nominate a person for Hamilton Citizen of the Year can be found at

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