Fundraising reports show competitive statewide races

In the governor’s race, Democrat Richard Cordray raised more money than Republican Richard DeWine in the latest cycle but DeWine’s $9.6-million war chest is nearly twice what Cordray has in the bank, according to campaign reports filed Friday.

DeWine’s cash on hand is bolstered by money that running mate Jon Husted rolled into DeWine’s campaign account when the two Republicans joined forces. Also, DeWine made a $1-million personal loan to his campaign.

DeWine reported raising $2.37-million since June 8 and having $9.59-million in cash on hand. Cordray reported raising $2.6-million and having $5.34-million in cash.

Campaign finance reports in the down ticket match-ups indicate each could be competitive. The only statewide candidate running for the seat she currently holds is Ohio Supreme Court Justice Mary Degenaro, a Republican appointed by Gov. John Kasich in January.

Here are the fund raising numbers for each of the other statewide races:

Attorney General: Democrat Steve Dettelbach raised $751,408 and has $3.4-million on hand, Republican Dave Yost raised $237,955 and has $3-million on hand.

Auditor: Democrat Zack Space raised $239,331 and has $844,528 on hand, Republican Keith Faber raised $157,156 and has $1-million on hand.

Secretary of State: Democrat Kathleen Clyde raised $338,020 and has $1.52-million on hand, Republican Frank LaRose raised $462,755 and has $1.36-million on hand.

Treasurer: Democrat Rob Richardson raised $468,222 and has $1.08-million on hand, Republican Robert Sprague raised $109,475 and has $362,317 on hand.

Supreme Court: Democrat Michael Donnelly raised $27,203 and has $101,126 on hand, Republican Craig Baldwin raised $65,515 and has $141,477 on hand; Democrat Melody Stewart raised $19,334 and has $82,015 on hand, Degenaro raised $65,000 and has $116,476 on hand.

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A poll from Quinnipiac University released six weeks ago shows the Ohio governor's race is too close to call.

This week, DeWine and Husted won the endorsement of Ohio’s three major business groups: Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Manufacturers and NFIB Ohio. Also this week, former President Obama endorsed Cordray.

In May, President Trump announced his support for DeWine. The Cedarville Republican said he will attend a rally with the president in Delaware County on Saturday to support GOP congressional candidate Troy Balderson who faces a close race in an Aug. 7 special election.

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