‘From Junk to Hunk’ author shares experiences as teen in Lakota Schools

A former Lakota Schools student, now Hollywood actor, says some of his experiences as a teen in the local school system helped him in writing his first book on transforming both his body and life.

The former West Chester Twp. resident Lance Alexander, who is most recognized for his role as Elvis, a recurring role on the award-winning Netflix show “Family Reunion” as well as other TV and commercial appearances, said he hopes his book “From Junk to Hunk” does the same for readers.

Alexander will soon be on a national book tour that will include stops in the Greater Cincinnati area.

He said after shedding nearly 70 pounds, Lance discovered that the mental journey of transformation was far more challenging and significant than the physical changes.

“I’ve learned to apply the same ‘From Junk to Hunk’ method to other goals in my life, and I’m motivated to share it with others in response to frequent requests for help on social media,” said Alexander.

“My goal is to spread the message that anyone can transform ‘From Junk to Hunk’ by clearing out the ‘junk,’ which represents negativity and toxicity in their lives that may be holding them back from achieving their goals. I believe that by doing so, anyone can become a better, stronger version of themselves.”

The now 18-year-old Alexander attended Lakota until the 6th grade in 2017, lastly as a student at Union Elementary before his family switched to home schooling along with their move to Los Angeles to be closer to Hollywood opportunities.

“Throughout middle and high school, being homeschooled contributed to my already inactive lifestyle. Even on (theatrical sets) there was little physical activity and lots of opportunities to select unhealthy foods and snacks. This sedentary routine, coupled with hours spent playing video games and excessive screen time on social media, created a toxic cycle that ultimately led to a path of unhappiness.”

He said: “Ohio will always share my spotlight when it comes to telling my story.”

“One principle remains important to me - never forget your roots or the people that have played key roles in shaping who you are.”

“Back in 2017, the community - including principals, church members, teachers, neighbors, and school friends - showed up in a huge way, sending me off to Hollywood with their well-wishes which touched his heart in such a big way.”

Readers can purchase “From Junk to Hunk” from various online sites starting Sept. 11.

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