Fiona the hippo tries out to be next Cadbury bunny

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Fiona the hippo is looking to take her charm to the silver screen as the next Cadbury bunny.

Fiona entered the competition to be included in Cadbury’s Easter commercial featuring different animals seeking to be the next Cadbury bunny.

Fiona has thrown her hat in the ring to be the new Cadbury Bunny! NoBUNNY is cuter than Fiona!

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Thursday, February 4, 2021

The chocolate company is also offering a $5,000 cash prize to the winner.

Fiona captured the world’s hearts four years ago when she was born six weeks premature and only weighing 29 pounds, the lowest recorded birth weight for her species.

She “overcame all odds to become the smallest hippo to ever survive,” read Fiona’s bio on the Cadbury website. “She is now 4 years old and a happy healthy hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo!”

Fiona celebrated her 4th birthday last month at the zoo with her mom, Bibi.

To enter your pet into the Cadbury bunny contest, visit Entries are due by March 1.

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