ELECTION 2023: Copas top vote-getter in Hamilton Schools race

Mathews has narrow second-place lead over Szary with around provisional, late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots still to be counted.

Incumbent ShaQuila Mathews and candidate Dr. Joseph Copas are leading the four-person race Hamilton City Schools, according to Butler County’s early voting results.

While Copas seems to have a solid hold in one of the top spots with 30.49% of the vote, the gap between second and third, however, is close with all precincts reporting, according to the unofficial election results.

Mathews, locally known as Pastor Shaq, has less than a 0.25-point lead over Robin Szary, 23.59% to 23.34%. Cameron Binegar is fourth with 22.61% of the unofficial vote. Elections officials say there are unofficially 340 provisional ballots, and whatever vote-by-mail ballots that come in over the next few days.

If the difference between Mathews and Szary holds to less than a half percent after those yet-to-be-counted ballots are included during the official run and certification of Tuesday’s election, which is scheduled for Nov. 28, there would be an automatic recount scheduled.

Copas is thankful for being elected to his first term, and will get to work on day one.

“I would hope to maybe implement some policies that would change the culture in our district and maybe try to not only implement some policies but change some policies existing policies just create a better environment for our staff and ultimately have a positive effect on outcomes for our students.”

Mathews is hopeful the provisional ballots and late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots would maintain her election-day lead.

“I continue to lean on my faith and continue to thank God,” she said. “I know I feel that the work on the board is not finished, and that’s what I lean on.”

Szary could not be reached for comment on Election Night.

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