Donald Trump Jr. campaigns for his father in Tipp City

Donald Trump Jr. addressed a group of supporters in Tipp City on Wednesday, just a day after his father, President Donald Trump, debated Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump Jr. touched on a wide range of topics, from the Russia investigation, Hunter Biden’s relationship with foreign countries, his father’s success with the economy; and Middle East agreements that he said bring peace to the region and Amy Coney Barrett, the Supreme Court nominee who is expected to replace former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Donald Trump Jr. rallies supporters in Tipp City on Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020. MARSHALL GORBY/STAFF
Donald Trump Jr. rallies supporters in Tipp City on Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020. MARSHALL GORBY/STAFF



Trump Jr. also targeted the media, which he called a public relations arm of the Democrats. The President’s son criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drawing one of his biggest cheers.

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The younger Trump also took shots at so-called Washington elites who he said along with Biden have been doing the same things unsuccessfully for more than four decades.

“People never criticized the people who’ve been doing the same things and failing for 40 years and never held them to task, never ask the question, ‘What maybe they should be doing differently,’" Trump said to the crowd of roughly 400 supporters who packed into the Cedar Springs Pavilion. “They just say, ‘Well, those are the experts, therefore they must be experts.’ I think we have to pass a law. You call yourself an expert and you haven’t been fight for four or five decades?”

He accused the media of unfairly attacking President Trump and members of his family, his Supreme Court appointees and conservatives such as Nick Sandmann, the Cincinnati area teen who this year reached a settlement with CNN after he filed a defamation lawsuit. However, whenever liberals commit crimes or do unethical things, the media sweeps it under the rug, Trump Jr. said.

For instance, he said, Hunter Biden has had questionable relationship with foreign governments and figures, including a Russian billionaire who is an associate of Vladimir Putin. The younger Biden has also gotten money from the Chinese government, Trump Jr. told the crowd. One would think that the media would hold the Bidens accountable, but that has not the case, he said.

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President Trump has also made similar claims. But according to media reports, Hunter Biden had an investment deal with the Bank of China, and although it’s not clear how much money was involved, no laws were broken. However, political experts say Biden’s son should not have gotten involved with an investment linked to China.

If Biden is elected president, he will likely be soft on China because of that relationship, Trump Jr. said, noting that Biden has been pandering to the communist country for the past five decades.

“You think Joe’s gonna be tough on China now?” he asked as several people in the crowd said no. “He hasn’t been in 50 years. He supported trade policy that sent more jobs to China. He supported deals like NAFTA and TPP, and his biggest push was for China’s permanent status, the World Trade Organization, which decimated more blue collar jobs than any policy in American history.”

Toward the end of his speech, the president’s son said it’s important that his father gets re-elected to continue fighting for the economy and defending the American way of life. He also said his father is like a blessing, and called on supporters to continue to fight to preserve their conservative way of life.

The younger Trump also boasted about his father’s economic record, and said the economy will continue to improve if he’s elected for another four years.

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However, the Ohio Democratic party said President Trump has broken many of his promises to Ohioans regarding the economy, healthcare and the like.

“Don Jr. ... can’t spin his dad’s record of broken promises to working families in Ohio," the party said in a statement." We deserve a leader who will expand access to quality, affordable health care — not rip it away in the middle of a worsening pandemic. This November, Ohioans are sending Joe Biden to the White House and putting an end to this failed presidency.”

Two of those in attendance at the rally were Ashley Dollar and Dustin Johnson, who were wearing a combined 100 Trump buttons. The couple said the economy has done well since Trump was elected, and they are grateful for that.

“We support Trump, and came our here to let everybody know,” said Dustin Johnson, a Dayton native.

John Young and his wife Judy, both of Vandalia, said they enjoyed hearing what Trump Jr. had to say. He did a great job explaining who the elder Trump is and all the great things he’s trying to do for the country. Judy Young said she hope to see the younger Trump on the campaign trial again in four years.

“I really hope he will run in 2024 because he has the same values as his father," she said. " I have always wanted a business man in the White House."

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Supporters fill the Cedar Springs Pavilion in Tipp City, waiting to hear Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. ISMAIL TURAY JR./STAFF
Supporters fill the Cedar Springs Pavilion in Tipp City, waiting to hear Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. ISMAIL TURAY JR./STAFF

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