Officer catches man stealing Cleveland Browns lighters from Dayton gas station

A 51-year-old man was arrested for stealing from a Dayton gas station Wednesday morning after an officer noticed him tuck a case of 50 Cleveland Browns lighters under his sweatshirt.

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According to a Dayton police report, an officer saw Dudley Colquitt place the lighters underneath the left arm of his black sweatshirt upon entering Love's Travel Center on 2217 Edwin C. Moses Blvd.

As Colquitt exited the store, he turned his head and was surprised to see the officer standing there, the report reads.

The officer asked Colquitt what was in this sweatshirt but did not get a reply. The officer then pulled back the sweatshirt and saw the lighters under Colquitt's left arm.

Colquitt went back into the store and was placed under arrest.

According to the report, Colquitt stumbled forward and put the lighters back on the counter while being placed under arrest.

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The cashier on duty told police she did not witness Colquitt take the lighters, but confirmed the merchandise belonged to Love's. The lighters were valued at $2.29 each.

Colquitt has stolen lighters from the shop before, according to the store manager, and charges will be pressed.

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