Massage therapist faces sex charges involving 2 women at Englewood spa

A 22-year-old massage therapist is facing two sex charges involving female clients at an Englewood day spa.

Jared Colvin, of Harrison Twp. in Darke County, is charged with two counts of sexual imposition, a misdemeanor, stemming from allegations reported seven months apart.

Charges were filed June 9 for the most recent case, reported June 4.

Colvin is due in court Wednesday for a pretrial hearing in the first case, reported Nov. 1, 2019.

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A 21-year-old woman who said she was a regular customer at Karmel’s Day Spa & Salon, 556 S. Main St., said toward the end of a normal massage session, Colvin began massaging “too high on her inner thigh and his hand brushed up against her vagina,” according to an affidavit filed in Vandalia Municipal Court. The woman said she thought it was a mistake “but he then continued rubbing her vagina” and she froze and didn’t say anything to him. After several minutes, the woman said Colvin asked if she wanted him to keep going when she told  him no. She told police he apologized to her and said he “got too carried away,” according to court documents.

Colvin told police his hand accidentally brushed up against the woman’s vagina and that he immediately apologized.

At the time of the complaint, Colvin had been a massage therapist for eight months, and police advised Karmel’s owner to suspend Colvin until the investigation was complete, court records show.

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In the second case, a 36-year-old woman described a similar scenario June 4 during her 90-minute deep-tissue massage.

“She said the massage started out as normal and that towards the end of massage he brushed his fingers over her vagina several times, according to an affidavit filed in Vandalia Municipal Court. The woman told police she thought the actions were not intentional at first.

Later, she said Colvin applied oils and began rubbing her upper chest area. “She said he then slid his hands down the sides of her chest area and then slid his hands onto her breast. She said his hand also touched her nipples and he was also cupping her breast with both hands,” She also said Colvin kissed her mouth and put his tongue in her mouth,” according to court documents.

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The woman told police that she wanted to say something to the manager while she was checking out, but that Colvin was standing by her and she felt intimidated.

Colvin told police that the client pulled the blanket down and exposed her breast to him, and that he reached to cover her back up. He also disputed that he brushed over her vaginal area, saying “he no longer goes that high on the thigh area since the last incident he had,” court records stated. He told police that he felt that he was being set up by the first client’s attorney, for which he has been sued civilly, along with the day spa where he is no longer employed.

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