Hamilton woman gives cops 2 fake names before being charged with possessing drug pipes, identity fraud

During a traffic stop, a Hamilton woman gave two fake names to police officers and was eventually arrested for possessing a pair of pipes used for marijuana and methamphetamine.

Diamond Rae Cox, 18, was driving just after 1 a.m. May 29 in a vehicle a Fairfield police officer ordered to pull over after failing to stop behind the stop bar on Bypass Ohio 4 at Port Union Road. She then gave two names — the mother of an ex-girlfriend and that ex-girlfriend.

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Cox gave the officer permission to search the vehicle, and in a black backpack between the front seats found “a meth pipe and a ‘one-hitter’ style marijuana pipe,” according to the police report.

Cox told the police officers on scene that was her backpack, but when asked about the meth pipe said, “That stuff is Kenny’s.”

At this point the police officers were going to cite her for driving without a license and were going to transport her a hotel where her alleged mother was staying.

Still believing Cox was the ex-girlfriend, and was a 17-year-old juvenile, a pair of police officers transported her to the hotel. They could not reach the mother the first time, but a second time two officers found the juvenile’s father.

He revealed Cox’s identity to police.

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Cox was arrested for identity fraud, a fifth-degree felony, and drug abuse instruments, a second-degree misdemeanor. She was also cited for driving without a license and arrested on a juvenile court warrant through the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Cox’s court case was continued on June 5.

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