Couple who shot dog in Oxford won’t face additional charges

There will be no additional charges against a couple who shot a dog multiple times while euthanizing it, according to Oxford Police Chief John Jones.

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The city’s animal control officer did investigate the incident, Jones told this news outlet, and there will be no additional charges filed.

“It seems like the owners are from the country and they called around to vet offices and it was too expensive (to have the dog euthanized),” Oxford Police Chief John Jones said, adding the dog had become vicious and bitten the owner.

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“While it is not the preferred method, it is technically not illegal to shoot an animal to euthanize it,” he said. “There was a reason for it. It wasn’t out of anger.”

Tracy Robinson, 48, and Steven Robinson, 52, were charged with discharging firearms and released on their own recognizance after the May 10 incident at their mobile home in the 5200 block of College Corner Pike.

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