Cloudy, cold today; Snow, rain expected on Sunday

Today will be cloudy and cold, with temperatures hardly rising from overnight lows to a high of around 32 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

We will see some light wind throughout the day, and clouds breaking in the afternoon for partly cloudy skies leading into the night.

Wind and clouds will both dwindle overnight, as temperatures drop down to a low of around 16 degrees.

To start the weekend we will see mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the teens around dawn Saturday. From there temperatures will rise to around 32 degrees.

Once night falls, though, clouds will increase again dramatically, for mostly cloudy skies by midnight. Then, in the few hours before dawn, we will start to see a chance of snow showers, which will stay with us all the way through Sunday.

Overnight temperatures will fall to around 24 degrees.

On Sunday, the NWS predicted we will have a chance of snow all day, mixing with a chance of rain in the afternoon as temperatures rise above freezing.

Highs will reach up to around 36 degrees under cloudy skies.

After nightfall on Sunday, the chances of rain and snow will only continue to rise, with both rain and snow becoming especially likely a few hours before dawn Monday.

The NWS predicted temperatures will barely dip Sunday night, just down to around freezing at 32 degrees.

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