Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow ‘may stop by’ Taylor Swift concerts at Paycor Stadium

Joe Burrow told the media he “may stop by” a Taylor Swift’s concert at Paycor Stadium later this month.

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback said during a news conference Tuesday he has a lot of respect for the artist and her career, but he doesn’t listen to her music much. He knows plenty who do, though, he said.

There are other NFL players known to be “Swifties,” including the New York Jets’ Aaron Rodgers, who was captured on film dancing to Swift’s music, and former Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt, who attended an Eras Tour show and raved about it on Instagram.

When asked about the Swift shows scheduled at Paycor June 30-July 1, Burrow said: “I’ve heard the tour is a lot of fun, though. Maybe I’ll stop by.”

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