Butler County Walmart employee accused of $700-plus in thefts from the store

There are 11 municipal police departments in Butler County.

A Walmart asset protection employee reported to Oxford police Feb. 3 a series of thefts allegedly committed by an employee during December. He provided police with an investigative statement, receipts for transactions, DVR with surveillance video and investigative notes for the video.

He reported the employee, an uncharged suspect because no charges had yet been filed, had stolen items from the store Dec. 12-14 and 20.

The alleged thefts were:

  • Dec. 12: an ONN speaker valued at $59.
  • Dec. 13: an HP Pavilion Gaming R5 1650 Super desktop tower computer valued at $599. He allegedly had another employee remove the spider wrap security feature and then used self-checkout scanning two packs of gum for a $1.92 transaction.
  • Dec. 14: two ONN speakers valued at $118 in which he went to the grocery section and purchased four items valued at $10.91.
  • Dec. 20: an Xbox controller valued at $29.88 in an incident in which he allegedly placed the item in a bag he was carrying.

The officer noted the video for Dec. 20 appears to have a gap and contacted the store employee who said he had that piece of video but had neglected to include it. It was discovered that video is no longer on the network.

The officer called the uncharged suspect and he had confirmed he worked at the store and his shift typically ended at 11 p.m. He allegedly admitted taking the gaming computer tower on the 13th but denied taking the speakers or the controller. He said the computer was being mailed to him in North Carolina where he is enrolled as a student. He said he is not scheduled to return to Ohio until this summer.

The officer said he was going to file warrants for him and he should deal with this matter as quickly as possible. Warrants were filed for three counts of theft but not the Dec. 20 incident because of the incomplete video. Walmart seeks restitution of $776 for the three ONN speakers and HP computer.

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