Butler County sheriff reacts to mob at U.S. Capitol: ‘Those weren’t protestors, those were criminals’

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones watched along with the nation Wednesday as rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, describing the violence as “insane” but preventable.

Less than 24 hours after supporters of President Donald Trump broke through barriers and windows to enter the Congressional building, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said Thursday the actions of rioters were aided by the inaction of the Capitol Police force.

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And he blames both political parties for such riots becoming more frequent in recent months.

Jones said the property damage and violence, which left a female protestor shot dead, was the latest example of local police being too passive. He said the same was the case in other cities in quelling riots that threatened government officials and property.

“For the past 14 months all the cities throughout the country … they have been burning buildings, protesting and the police does nothing and they don’t stop them,” Jones told the Journal-News.

“It was insane when you see them running up to the Capitol but not insane because it’s been going on for a year, including in (Washington) D.C. And I blame both (political) parties. (They) let this go on and the American people are so fed up and disgusted with both parties (and) people are kind of used to watching this on TV.”

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“This country is kind of torn up right now and it’s evenly divided … and nobody gets anything done,” he said.

But Jones does not blame President Trump, who has publicly supported in the past, for the actions of the rioters.

“I blame all our politicians (nationwide) who have allowed this to go on and the (news) media … for inflaming this and blaming people,” he said. “The American people are evenly split and they are tired and they are frustrated.”

But he added “this (riot) shouldn’t have happened. They (police) should have arrested people and they should have stopped it. They (rioters) should have been arrested and they should go to prison.”

“Our country is in a dark place right now and people are divided,” he said.

Jones said America’s Congressional leaders were in a building “taken over by a bunch of thugs.”

“It should scare the hell out of everybody,” he said. “Those weren’t protestors, those were criminals and they should have been treated accordingly.”