Butler County drug bust nets $75K in cash, drugs and guns from Hamilton house

Bundles of cocaine, bundles of marijuana, guns and $75,000 cash were seized from a Hamilton house Wednesday, and a man officials say is a “big supplier” is in jail.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones on Thursday announced the bust by the county Undercover Regional Narcotics Task Force.

Corwyn Spearman Jr., 39, of 931 Ridgelawn Ave., is charged with possession of controlled substances and aggravated trafficking in drugs, both felonies.

Investigators say Spearman has been dealing drugs for years.

Seized from the residence were two kilos of cocaine with a street value of $250,000, 20 pounds of marijuana worth $60,000 on the street, $75,000 cash, five handguns and three long guns, according to the sheriff. Three cars also were confiscated.

“This is a very large drug bust,” Jones said. “He had a very low profile, never been in much trouble before. He didn’t have a lot of diamonds and gold. Or fancy cars. Just the opposite. A normal house, in a normal neighborhood. But he had a lot of cash, and he was a big supplier.

The drug task force, which includes officers from Hamilton, Fairfield and adult probation, continues to see methamphetamine as an illegal drug of choice, but cocaine is on the rise, Jones said.

“Cocaine is making a huge comeback right now with all the COVID and everything, the borders have been closed down, but they are opening back up,” Jones said. “We are getting a lot of meth, but cocaine is coming in furious.”

Hamilton police Chief Craig Bucheit said the seizure is a huge step in keeping the city safe.

“Our officers are out every day working to keep our neighborhoods safe and yesterday’s search warrant and seizure represents a huge step in doing that,” Bucheit said. “Keeping our neighborhoods safe is our number one priority,” Bucheit said. But he noted the fight continues. “This makes a big impact on the supply in Hamilton but lets face it, there is no eliminating this, so we are back at it today.”

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