Auto industry supplier growing presence in Franklin, could double in size

Sunstar Engineering America, which manufactures sealants and coatings for the automotive industry, is expanding its operations in Franklin.

Company President Ed Robbins said the first phase of the project will be a 40,000-square-foot addition to its current facility at 700 Watkins Glenn Rd., just west of the Interstate 75/Ohio 123 interchange.

He said the company will also have the ability “to at least double the size” of the facility for future expansion. He said the building plans that were submitted to city officials showed a facility that could grow to 80,000 to 100,000 square feet.

Robbins declined to comment on the amount of the investment and said about six employees will be added to the batch chemical processing facility. He said construction is “imminent” and said the projected completion date is by the end of 2019 or in early 2020.

“We had options,” he said. “But this was a good option for us because of its good location and the ability to send and receive materials so close to I-75.”

He also praised Franklin officials for their efforts in getting things expedited so that Sunstar could move forward with its expansion plans.

“We look forward in having a good relationship with the city and help them grow as we grow,” Robbins said.

Sunstar has its North American headquarters and a research and development facility in Springboro in addition to the Franklin facility. He said the company employs about 145 people in its local facilities.

The company built a 31,000-square-foot, three-story office building with warehouse space in Springboro.

Sunstar Engineering Americas has been based in Springboro since 1993 and is a subsidiary of Sunstar Engineering in Japan, according to its website.

The company has been a leading supplier to the automotive industry for more than 50 years, according to its website.

Sunstar Engineering Americas manufactures superior adhesives, sealants and coating products, which are designed to improve the quality and safety of the vehicle. Sunstar Engineering offers the customer global capabilities with Research and Development and Manufacturing facilities around the world. Sunstar produces over 300 grades of adhesives and sealants, according to the website.

Adhesives, sealants and coating products are produced there for instrument panels, door panels, consoles and glove boxes. In addition, the products are used on caskets, sports equipment, appliances and in construction, according to company web site.

This report contains information previously reported by Staff Writer Lawrence Budd.

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