Another train in Ohio derails, this one east of Cincinnati

SARDINIA, Ohio — Multiple train cars carrying gravel derailed in Brown County on Tuesday.

Officials with Eastern Joint Fire and EMS said the train was carrying 390 tons of gravel when it derailed in Sardinia. Fire captain Levin Troutman said 10 cars went off the tracks, with two of them flipped over.

There were a total of 30 cars.

“They were running 10 miles per hour, and then all of a sudden they went down to two, and that’s when the engineer realized, well, something is going on, why did I just slow down for no reason, and he realized the trains went off the tracks,” said Troutman. “We know that it rained a lot this morning, so I don’t know if that has a factor in it or not. I’m sure I know their whole team is coming to do a whole investigation on it.”

Corboy Road was closed Tuesday and Wednesday as crews cleaned up. Officials said no one was injured.

The derailment happened on the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad (CCET), and Troutman said the crew on the train was supposed to be fixing parts of the railroad when the train went off the tracks.

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