150 custom LEGO models to be on display in Cincinnati Museum Center exhibit

‘Brictionary’ opens in March.

After dropping a tease featuring LEGO bricks on Jan. 24, the Cincinnati Museum Center announced Friday its new featured exhibit will be “Brictionary: The Ultimate LEGO A-Z,” which puts the multicolored building blocks on show in sculptures highlighting each letter of the alphabet.

The exhibit will feature more than 150 custom-build models, “from leaping orcas that tower overhead to Saturn V rockets that stretch from floor to ceiling,” according to a press release from CMC.

Sculptures showcase the work of artist Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, an Australian “LEGO certified professional,” according to his website. McNaught joined the TV show “Lego Masters Australia” as the show’s main competition judge in 2019, his website says.

The Bricktionary feature will also host interactive components that allow visitors free build areas to sculpt their own creations, including a space to construct a model that must then survive an earthquake simulation and an area in which to design a LEGO brick robot.

It won’t be the first time the Cincinnati Museum Center hosted an exhibit centering on the popular toy.

In 2015, The Art of the Brick exhibit featured more than 50 sculptures by artist Nathan Sawaya, all crafted from the plastic bricks. To accompany it, the museum also featured an interactive LEGO gallery filled with bins of bricks and kid-sized LEGO worktables for guests to build their own sculptures.

For years, Brickopolis has also been a staple in the museum at the holidays as part of Holiday Junction; the exhibit features a custom LEGO landscape with motorized trains and iconic Cincinnati staples.

Bricktionary officially opens at the Cincinnati Museum Center on March 18, but visitor members who join the waitlist can snag tickets as early as Feb. 13. Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning Feb. 20.

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