Three area congressmen vote against Rep. Santos’ expulsion

Three local congressmen were the only members of Ohio’s delegation to Congress to vote against the historic expulsion of Republican Rep. George Santos on Friday.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday voted 311-114 to expel the New York representative, who was federally indicted on 23 counts and was at the center of a scathing House ethics committee probe.

Among members of Congress who voted against Santos’ expulsion were Reps. Mike Turner, R-Dayton; Warren Davidson, R-Troy; and Jim Jordan, R-Urbana.

Turner’s office declined to comment on Friday’s vote.

Davidson’s and Jordan’s offices did not immediately return a request for comment.

Santos is the sixth member in the House’s history to be ousted by colleagues, the Associated Press reported.

The effort to expel the freshman congressman was led by the House Ethics Committee, which found “overwhelming evidence” during a monthslong investigation that Santos had broken the law and exploited his public position for his own profit, AP reported.

Other Republican and all Democratic representatives from Ohio voted in favor of ousting Santos, including Greg Landsman, D-Cincinnati, whose district includes Warren County.

Landsman called Santos a “wholly dishonest person, a total fraud, and most likely a serious criminal.”

“His voters, who he defrauded, wanted him removed and thankfully the vast majority of Congress agreed,” Landsman said.

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