This week in coronavirus numbers: Over 50,000 new cases, 275 more dead

This week, Ohio has reported over 50,000 new cases and more than 2,000 hospitalizations. 275 people have died from COVID-19 this week.

The state reported a total of 53,323 cases, 275 deaths and 2,158 hospitalizations last week. On Monday, the state passed 300,000 reported cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 7,268 new cases.

On Monday, there were 3,175 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals. Monday was the fourth straight day southwest Ohio reported more than 800 coronavirus patients in hospitals. Two weeks ago, there 529 COVID-19 patients in the region’s hospitals.

On Monday, there were 200 patients in the ICU and 115 on ventilators in the area. Coronavirus patients accounted for 12.42% of southwest Ohio’s hospital beds, with 2,096 beds, or 30.56%, still available.

The state reported 20 more deaths on Monday.

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Ohio reported more than 7,000 daily cases of coronavirus for the fourth day in a row on Tuesday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Although it could indicate a possible plateau, Gov. Mike DeWine said 7,000 cases a day is still an “unacceptable” rate. On Tuesday, DeWine issued a 21-day curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. that went into effect Thursday.

7,079 cases were reported on Tuesday, along with 30 deaths and 368 hospitalizations, the second highest number the state had ever reported.

On Nov. 1, Ohio reported 3,303 daily cases. Less than two weeks later, Ohio tallied a record-high 8,071 cases.

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On Wednesday, the daily coronavirus numbers were delayed by several hours. When they were eventually released around 7 p.m., the numbers were incomplete. DeWine later reported that an increase in antigen tests caused the delay, as health officials double check the results. On average, Ohio is running about 10,000 antigen tests a day.

The state reported a total of 6,385 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, bringing the state to 318,828 total cases. The Ohio Department of Health’s website stated that the data was incomplete and thousands more reports are under review.

371 hospitalizations were reported, resulting in a total of 23,217 hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic. Fifty-five more people died of coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total of Ohioans who have died from coronavirus to 5,827, ODH reported.

The state’s 21-day case average was 5,404.

The Montgomery County Board of Health approved a stay-at-home advisory from Nov. 19 through Dec. 17 in light of the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic.

Residents are asked to stay at home and limit contact with those outside their household as much as possible during that time period.

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Ohio reported 7,787 daily cases of coronavirus Thursday for a total of 326,615, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The governor noted that while the daily case number is already high, there are likely more positive cases due to the delay in reporting antigen tests. The state reported that data may be incomplete on Thursday.

Deaths increased by 63 on Thursday, bringing the total to 5,890.

Ohio had a total of 23,560 hospitalizations throughout the pandemic, with 343 reported Thursday. There’s are 3,829 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals Thursday, with 976 in southwest Ohio, according to ODH.

ICU admissions increased by 38 for a total of 4,318.

A statewide 21-day curfew is scheduled to start today. Ohioans are advised to stay home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Exemptions include people going to and from working, seeking medical care or getting groceries or takeout.

“If you can stay home, stay home,” he said. “This is very, very serious. We have to take this down. The reason why we haven’t issued a statewide shutdown is because of the ramifications of a shutdown. Everything we do during the pandemic is a balance.”

On Thursday, DeWine said he planned to veto a bill that would limit the Ohio Department of Health’s ability to limit health orders.

Montgomery made the level 4 watch list on Thursday and Franklin County reached level 4. The 21-day curfew went into effect Thursday.

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On Friday, Ohio set a new case record of 8,808 cases, beating the previous record of 8,071 cases.

The state has record more than 7,000 cases for six out of the last seven days. Gov. Mike DeWine noted on Thursday that due to a backlog of antigen test results, the data being reported by the state health department is incomplete.

As of Friday, there have been 335,423 cases reported, according to the ODH. A message on the state health department’s COVID-19 dashboard noted that thousands of reports are pending review.

Hospitalizations increased by 398 for a total of 23,958. It is the most hospitalizations the state has reported in a day, beating the previous record of 398 set on Nov. 10.

The state is reporting 4,360 ICU admissions, up by 42.

Sixty-five deaths were reported Friday, bringing the total to 5,955.

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Ohio reported a total of 7,863 new coronavirus cases yesterday. This is the third day in a row Ohio has reported more than 7,000 new cases in a day, the Ohio Department of Health reported.

On Friday, Ohio reported a new record of 8,808 cases in one day and 398 hospitalizations in one day. Hospitalizations rose by 260 today, bringing total hospitalizations in Ohio to 24,218.

Deaths rose by 29, raising the total number of Ohioans who have died from coronavirus to 5,984.

The 21 day case average passed 6,000, with a total of 6,076 new cases per day.

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A total of 8,133 new coronavirus tests were reported on Sunday, the Ohio Department of Health reported. Hospitalizations rose by 205, resulting in a total of 24,423 hospitalizations during the pandemic.

This is the fourth day that Ohio has reported over 7,000 new cases in a day. The 21-day case average currently sits at 6,303 and continues to rise.

A total of 351,419 cases have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic. Deaths rose by 12, resulting in a total death count of 5,996 people dead from COVID-19.

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