Springboro Schools latest to increase substitute teacher pay

District one of several trying to deal with staffing shortages

The Springboro school district is increasing pay for substitute teachers starting next week, joining a number of districts that are trying to overcome staffing shortages.

Starting Monday, substitute teachers in the district will now see an increase in pay from $100 per day to $125 per day.

“We know the last two years have certainly brought further challenges for a lot of districts, as it relates to staffing, especially this school year” said Superintendent Larry Hook. “Our board of education recognizes the need for high-quality substitutes in our district, and we’re hopeful that increasing the rate will help attract more subs looking to be a part of Springboro Schools.”

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Springboro officials said the $125 per day figure is one of the highest pay rates for substitute teachers in Warren County. In recent years, Fairborn, West Carrollton and other local schools have also increased their daily rate in an effort to attract more subs.

Springboro substitutes who have the same assignment for 21-60 consecutive days will still receive $125 per day, and long-term substitutes who have the same assignment for more than 60 consecutive days will still be paid $190 per day.

“We’re continuing to compete with a lot of other employers. We’re hoping a little more per hour might make someone’s decision that much easier in terms of joining our district, and working together to help educate such great students,” Hook said.

Scott Marshall, district communications coordinator, said the district needs about 40 to 45 substitute teachers a day to cover absences when teachers are doing training, out sick, undergoing surgery, or on maternity leave or Family Medical Leave Act time.

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Marshall said the district can cover 65% to 70% of the absences with substitute teachers and the remaining 30% are covered by pulling other staff from their Central Office or other administrative or counselor positions.

“We’re basically robbing Peter to pay Paul,” he said.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the district would average 30 to 35 substitute teachers a day, Marshall said.

Springboro Schools employs about 700 teachers, he said.

For more information about becoming a substitute teacher, contact Kristen Black at kblack@springboro.org or call 937-748-3960, ext. 2040. Visit www.springboro.org/HumanResources.aspx for more details.

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