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Lisa Welch and Norman, LISA WELCH

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Lisa Welch and Norman, LISA WELCH

Those enjoying successful careers usually are doing what they love. Or something in combination with what they love.

That describes Lisa Welch, who pairs her devotion to dogs with 35 years as a jewelry designer.

“The combination of my passion for jewelry design and my obsession with my dogs has been the building foundation of my collection,” the Beavercreek native said.

As an adult, Lisa has owned a Weimaraner, a Doberman and a Staffordshire terrier mix. Now she shares her home with a Bracco Italiano named Norman.

About 15 years ago, Lisa, who works at Elizabeth Diamond Company in Centerville, realized there was a hole in the jewelry market for upscale, high-quality, dog-themed pieces, so she started creating designs that would appeal to those Tiffany and David Yurman shoppers who also happen to love their dogs.

Current trends and heartfelt inspiration from her loyal customers help fuel her passion, says Lisa, who adds, “We also capture attention with our trademark slogan, ‘Go Ahead, DROOL’”

Then, of course, there’s Norman.

According to the American Kennel Club, Bracco Italiano is the oldest European pointer, its history reaching back to the fourth or fifth century BC. The breed was introduced into the U.S. in the 1990s.

The AKC describes this breed as “moderate‑ to high‑energy” and says it’s one that requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. These dogs are known to be mellow, reliable and smart.

Lisa saw this breed and admired the beauty and gentle temperament. There are few Bracco Italiano breeders in the U.S., so when the time was right to adopt, she had to go on a wait list.

Her description of Norman mirrors AKC’s – loving and kind, but also energetic and a total goofball.

To burn off some of that energy the pooch gets plenty of daily exercise with ball and stick chasing. As Lisa explains, Norman will bring every thing back to her. Even if it’s a leaf or a prickle ball from her home’s sweet gum tree.

Lisa smiles when describing the two-year-old’s antics and how his funny Bracco lips allow him to carry literally anything in his mouth. He happily runs around the yard or house with anything from a huge tree limb to two slippers at the same time.

The name? “Norman” just seemed to fit her new pup’s long ears and multiple face wrinkles.

You won’t find Norman there, but you can check out Lisa’s work at EDC. And this jewelry designer also takes her wares on the road, having attended the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York for 11 years – not as a handler or spectator, but as a vendor.

Lisa has a booth at the prestigious show displaying her dog- and horse-themed jewelry, and every year she creates a limited-edition Westminster Dog Show piece. Last year it was a purple leather bracelet with a sterling and 18 karat yellow gold paw print charm.

Unfortunately, this year’s dog show was postponed by COVID-19, likely until spring. When it does take place, the Bracco Italiano will be competing for the first time in the “sporting” dog group.

Lisa will be there, but Norman won’t. He’ll stay home, sit in comfort and watch his friends compete on TV.


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Karin Spicer is a member of The Dog Writers Association of America. She lives with her family and two furry pets who inspire her. She can be reached at

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