Local hospitals: Blood shortage worsens, donations urgently needed



Hospitals in the Dayton region said a blood supply shortage has worsened to the worst since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and issued an urgent appeal for blood donations and blood drives.

The Greater Dayton Hospital Association, which represents 29 hospitals and health care systems in 11 counties in southwest and west-central Ohio, joined the Community Blood Center’s recent call to action to help address the shortage.

“Blood products are vital to a broad group of patients, among them trauma patients, newborns who require ICU care, patients undergoing surgery and oncology care, and therapies,” members said in a statement. “For many of these patients, blood and blood products are not only an important aspect of treatment, but a vital lifeline.”

The release said the blood supply nationwide has been strained by the pandemic. Individual donors and organizational blood drives have decreased.

Community Blood Center reported it is still struggling to average the 300 donors per day necessary to meet area hospital demands. Usage has outpaced collections of type O blood.

“This summer we can help our community continue to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic and spring back to health,” said Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services COO Diane Wilson. “Commit to giving blood each time you’re eligible. The lives we help save are proof that we are stronger together.”

Hospitals have worked to implement measures to conserve blood resources, the release said.

As people return to more activities, work, and other in-person engagements, the need for blood products is increasing, especially in preparation for the extended July 4th holiday weekend, the hospital association stated.

People are encouraged to make an appointment at www.DonorTime.com or call (937) 461-3220 to donate.

Eligibility to donate can be viewed at: http://givingblood.org/donate-blood.

A previous COVID-19 infection or vaccination for COVID-19 does not disqualify someone from donating blood.