Lebanon approves new subdivision off Miller Road

Twelve new single-family homes are being planned for a new subdivision on 4.47 acres located at 345 Miller Road in Lebanon.

Monarch Homes recently received approval from the Lebanon Planning Commission and City Council to rezone the acreage. City Planner Greg Orosz said the land is currently being used for agricultural purposes and the area is surrounded by “suburban residential” zones.

The Greys Run subdivision will have a private roadway and 12 homes on 3.576 acres or 80% of the land, with the remaining 0.89 acres or 20 percent for proposed open space. In addition, the subdivision will also have two retention ponds, according to city documents.

The project will also include a 10-foot wide bike trail that will connect to existing or future bike trails.

City officials said the homes to be constructed along Miller Road will face the roadway to keep with the development pattern already established and consistent with other homes adjacent to the subdivision. The plan also calls for retaining the existing woods on the northwest section of the property.

Councilman Matt Sellers said he had heard nothing but positive feedback for the project.

Residents who spoke at the meeting were in favor of the proposed project. One resident felt that it would fit the flow of Miller Road, while another resident suggested the need for a crosswalk or four-way stop as the street was across from the entrance to the Garfield Park subdivision.

In his report, Orosz said the architectural style of the homes is typical of the newer development patterns in the area. He said that Monarch Homes is building a similar product just north of the site in Reveres Run.

At its May 10 meeting, city council gave final approval to rezone the acreage as a “planned unit development” overlay.

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