First half of 2022 much more humid than normal, National Weather Service says

As the Miami Valley goes into another hot, humid weekend, the National Weather Service in Wilmington has found that the first half of 2022 has been much more humid than average.

The NWS said that from January through July 2022, measurements at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport showed twice the average number of hours spent with a dew point at or above 70 degrees.

The dew point is the temperature the air needs to be cooled to for a relative humidity of 100%. The NWS said the higher the dew point is, the more moisture is in the air, and the more humid it will feel. In the summer, a dew point between 55 and 65 will feel “sticky” with muggy evenings, and greater than or equal to 65 degrees will feel “oppressive,” the NWS said.

Measurements found the area experienced more than five times the average number of hours with a dew point at or above 74 degrees.

They also found more than a full day with a dew point at or above 78 degrees. The average time of a dew point at or above 78 degrees is 2 hours.

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