Fall leaf changes coming gradually to southwest Ohio

Fall leaf changes are gradually coming to southwest Ohio, if a bit unevenly.

In its third Fall Color Update, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that due to weather patterns that cause more rain than others in the state, changing fall leaves are variable across the state.

ODNR Fall Color Forester David Parrott said, “Current changes include black walnut showing brilliant yellows and sycamores ablaze in oranges and yellows. Even our state native fruit bearing tree, the pawpaw, is showing its yellows.”

In much of southwest Ohio, the ODNR on Wednesday classified the trees as still changing – or still mostly green with less than 25% color.

One exception was Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve near Yellow Springs, which the ODNR classified as “Near Peak,” with significant color showing in the trees.

This generally falls in line with the ODNR’s prediction that southern Ohio’s trees would reach peak color in mid- to late October.

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