City of Fairfield uses $4.5M in pandemic-relief funds to improve traffic safety and parks

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

The City of Fairfield divided its $4.5 million federal American Rescue Plan allocation into seven projects that will enhance the city’s parks, economic development and its sustainability plan, among other things.

Fairfield’s largest expenditure is a $1.4 million investment toward enhancing traffic safety around Town Center, including re-striping the lanes to change traffic patterns and reducing the 27 curb cuts along Pleasant Avenue, starting from Nilles Road to Patterson Boulevard.

Fairfield City Manager Scott Timmer said the project near Riegart Square will make a “huge” safety difference as the city focuses on economic development in that area.

City officials also directed $750,000 toward local park improvements and upgraded its fire and EMT services with a $1.2 million and $375,000 investments into a new fire truck and ambulance, respectively.

$175,000 went toward Fairfield’s sustainability plan, which Timmer said will be a “huge undertaking” in 2023. The Journal-News previously reported that the city will look to reduce its carbon footprint and perform active community engagement and education on sustainability initiatives.

“[It’s] one we think will add tremendous value to not only how the city operates but how we attract future generations to come to the city.”

The remaining funds were directed to bring improvements on audio and video improvements at the Fairfield City Council Chambers and update HVAC systems in various city buildings.

Fairfield already has its funds allocated well in advance of the federal end-of-2024 guideline, but will need to have all those funds spent by the end of 2026.

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