122,262 cases, 4,128 deaths from coronavirus reported in Ohio

There have been 122,262 cases of coronavirus and 4,128 deaths reported in Ohio as of Sunday, August 30, the Ohio Department of Health said. There were 922 new cases and two new deaths reported today.

A total of 29 new hospitalizations were reported, bringing the total number of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic to 13,317 people. Intensive care unit admissions rose by two, raising the total number of admissions since the beginning of the pandemic to 2,954. The state estimates that 101,944 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

The city of Dayton is scaling back its plans to invest nearly $1.5 million into its parks and playgrounds in 2020 and 2021 because COVID-19 has derailed its finances.

The city will install new playground equipment in four parks this year, but its spending isn’t expected to much exceed about half of its original planned investment of $744,000.

The city also planned to spend the same amount next year on park and playground upgrades, but those plans are now in doubt because of significant revenue losses due to the coronavirus economic downturn, which led to the shelving of some capital projects, officials said.

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