How 2 dogs found their royalty

The TV networks covered the wedding of England’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle extensively, focusing on the dress, the cathedral and, of course, the bride and groom.

While it was fun to watch, my family wanted to see more images of the bride’s rescued Beagle, Guy. Teddy, our Lab, also a rescue has a lot in common with him.

In 2015, an abandoned Guy wound up in an animal shelter, a low-kill facility, in Mt. Sterling, Ky., 35 miles east of Lexington.

In 2014, Teddy and his two sisters, all abandoned, wound up in a kill shelter in Ballard County, Ky., in the western part of the state at the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

When no one came forward and claimed Guy, A Dog’s Dream Rescue was called. This Ontario, Canada, charity has placed 1,600 beagles in forever homes since 2010. They rescue them from Kentucky and Ohio.

When no one came forward for Teddy and his sisters, Love of Labs Indiana (LOLIN) was called. This Indianapolis charity places 200 to 220 Labs and Lab mixes, yearly, in forever homes since 2005. They rescue Labs in Indiana as well as neighboring states.

Guy was at an adoption event outside of Toronto that Markle, an advocate for adopting animals rather than buying them, happened to attend. Markle was looking for a “friend” for her dog, Bogart, a Shepherd Labrador mix. The rest, as they say, is history.

Labs cared for by LOLIN are fostered by volunteers. Teddy was fostered by Terry Roth, a veteran volunteer. She worked with her charge, assessing his personality, ability to play with other dogs, ride in cars and following basic commands, to list just a few skills.

Our mixed-breed, Lucy, had just passed and we were starting to search for a new four-legged family member. Melissa, a good friend and LOLIN volunteer, helped us with paperwork and vetting. My husband, Ed, daughter, Jordan, Melissa and I traveled to Indianapolis to meet Teddy. The 9-month old pup greeted us then promptly rolled over for belly rubs. The rest, as they say, is history.

Guy now lives in England with Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The rescue has been photographed taking a car ride with Queen Elizabeth II.

It sounds like Guy is living in well-deserved luxury.

Teddy now lives in Bellbrook with my family. He’s never traveled overseas, but he does go with us on vacations to Lake Michigan. He loves car rides.

In my family’s opinion, Teddy also lives a luxurious life. We lavish our furry friend with praise and tummy rubs. Treats and toys are a given. Play dates with his doggie pals are plentiful.

Teddy sort of lives with royalty, too. Abby, our 16-year-old, cat acts like a queen bee. The pooch has learned to give her the “respect” she thinks she deserves.

When he’s chasing after a toy that is in her path, Teddy will run around the queen as not to disturb her. You will never see him drinking out of her water fountain even though she drinks from his bowl.

At this time, the palace has not bequeathed a title on Guy the Beagle. Teddy the Lab has such a designation. The loveable pooch is known in our family as the Crown Prince.

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