Clear the obstacles to enjoying your ‘someday’ promises today

Lori Firsdon of Forte Organizers in Centerville tackles a closet project. Does disorganization and clutter hold you back? CONTRIBUTED

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Lori Firsdon of Forte Organizers in Centerville tackles a closet project. Does disorganization and clutter hold you back? CONTRIBUTED

Our dog Heidi is 11. The life span for a dog her size is 10-13 years.

Lately, I have been thinking, “Her time here is coming up. I need to take the time to walk her and take her camping more often.”

The word “someday” pops into my mind, since work, family and other obligations often get in the way of me spending time with her. I think, “Someday soon I’ll have the time. There’s still time.”

Earlier this year, I pulled in the driveway and Heidi got up to greet me as usual. Instead of running toward my car, she stayed standing in the yard.

As I walked toward her, I noticed she was standing on three legs. One back leg was dangling off the ground.

My heart instantly ached with regret. My mind was racing, “She can’t walk! No, no I thought I had more time. I haven’t walked her as often as I planned and I promised to take her camping.”

Tears filled my eyes as I reached her. I was thinking, “This can’t be happening, I’m supposed to have plenty of ‘somedays’ left.”

I called our veterinarian. He said it was probably her knee and recommended a 3-day medication regimen. If she was not doing better by then, we would have to talk about options. I know from experience that one option is to put an elderly dog to sleep.

For the next three days, I poured out as much love as I could, along with the aspirins. I wanted her to know how much she meant to me.

By the third day, she was limping, but able to walk. I prayed each day that she would get better so I could keep my ‘someday’ promises to her.

Fast forward. She can now enjoy her walks again, however a bit slower. Tail wagging fast as always.

I have to help her into the truck and support her on the camper stairs, but we get to camp together.

I am so thankful to have a second chance to make good on my promises of walking her more often and taking her camping.

On our camping trips, I walk her so often our fellow campers take notice. They often yell out, “How many times are you going to walk that dog?” or “She’s going to sleep good tonight.” One woman knelt and spoke to Heidi saying, “You are so lucky to have such a good mommy.” The woman had no idea how her words brought me such peace where there was once regret.

How many of you have regrets? Loved ones who have passed that you were going to spend more time with? Opportunities missed?

What about projects and hobbies you are going to do ‘someday?’

For some of you, having a disorganized home keeps you from your ‘someday’ promises. It’s time you stop placing so much importance on stuff and start living your life.

My camper neighbors who see me on my own have asked, “You camp alone?” With a smile I say, “I’m not alone, I have my best buddy with me.”

It’s time you make ‘someday’ now because we often don’t get a second chance or more time.

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