Hamilton novel coronavirus cases climb to 31

The number of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Hamilton has reached 31, and the latest batch of patients includes a man in his 20s who city officials said is hospitalized in intensive care.

Officials are not releasing information that identifies individuals, but have been giving simple demographic information about them. Here are details about the latest five cases, which also include two others in their 40s or younger:

• A 29-year-old man, hospitalized somewhere in an intensive-care unit;

• A 38-year-old man;

• A 42-year-old woman;

• A 53-year-old man; and

• A 60-year-old woman.

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The latest group of patients gives weight to the cautions state, local and federal health officials have been issuing: It’s not only the elderly who have been contracting serious cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus, which have been fatal in some cases.

The virus has been lethal for people in their 20s and younger in some parts of the country, even when those people did not have underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, heart issues and lung problems.

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