For a four-hour period on Saturday, Oct. 15, nearly everyone in America will have access to free health screenings, education, services and products as Walmart stores nationwide host Walmart Wellness Day. FILE
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Photo: Contributed

Butler County residents can get free health screenings at Walmart

“Identifying this need, more and more businesses, especially the ones that have pharmacies, offer health activities to the people,” Phillips explained. “Bringing services to where people are is a newer trend that I support, and if it educates and enhances the community’s health and awareness, I am advocate of it.”

Residents will have a chance for free checks from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday when participating area Walmart stores offer free health screenings, education, services and products during the national Walmart Wellness Day.

The retailer is hosting the event for the second straight year, according to George Riedl, senior vice president and president, Health and Wellness, Walmart U.S.

Riedl called it “America’s Biggest Health Fair” and said some participants “may be taking an active role in their health for the first time.”

More than 4,600 Walmart stores across the country will participate in the event, while several locations locally will offer the services.

The event will provide free blood glucose and blood pressure testing, vision screenings (where available), product samples and information on health insurance options. Additionally, more than 10,000 of Walmart’s licensed pharmacists will offer immunizations in all Walmart pharmacies.

“The cost of health care in America has risen to more than $3 trillion, but the health of our customers is something we can’t put a price on,” Riedl said. “As more than 90 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store, we’re committed and uniquely positioned to provide accessible and affordable health care that helps busy families live better.”

He added that the screenings “provide customers with a basic yet vital understanding of their general health conditions and ways to improve them.”

Last year, Walmart conducted more than 280,000 blood pressure, glucose, and vision screens and nearly 52,000 immunizations.

Area Walmart locations participating in the company’s Wellness Day today:

Hamilton - 1505 Main St., 3201 Princeton Rd.

Middletown - 2900 Towne Blvd.

Franklin - 1275 East 2nd St.

Oxford - 5720 College Corner Pike.

Lebanon - 1530 Walmart Dr.

West Chester - 8288 Cincinnati Dayton Rd.

Mason - 5303 Bowen Dr.

Huber Heights - 7680 Brandt Pike.

Springfield - 2400 N. Bechtle Ave., 200 S. Tuttle Rd.

Englewood - 7725 Hoke Rd.

Dayton - 8800 Kingsridge Dr., 3465 York Commons Blvd.

Piqua - 1300 East Ash St.

Beavercreek - 3360 Pentagon Blvd.

Centerville - 6244 Wilmington Dr.

Xenia - 70 Hospitality Dr.

Moraine - 1701 W. Dorothy Lane.