KFC looking to cook up a hot tub that looks like a bucket of fried chicken

What's sizzlin', warm and comes in a large white bucket? If you answered fried chicken, well, you're somehow wrong.

Correct answer: Kentucky Fried hot tub.

That's right, the famous chicken maker from the Bluegrass State has started a campaign for bubbling, branded Jacuzzis on Indiegogo.com, a crowdfunding website.

"Introducing a revolution in hot tub technology: making it look like a giant KFC bucket," the Indiegogo page reads.

The tub features a wood-fired furnace, a vinyl liner with molded seating, 360 degrees of Kentucky Fried Chicken branding and fits five "fried chicken-loving people," according to the page.

"Are your muscles tired? Do you need to relax? Do you have a deep-seated love for corporate branding? Do you currently have any money in your bank account" the page asks potential backers, which included just three people as of Wednesday afternoon.

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Also as of Wednesday, the fund had raised $95 of its $46,683 goal, with 30 days remaining.

But that's not all.

You can also back a smart cane remote, a picnic with the Colonel, a little Colonel locator and the "Colonel on ICE" ice-skating show. None of the campaigns have come close to reaching their thousand-dollar goals.

Why, KFC? What is all of this fried chicken madness?

Well, it's all part of a larger branding campaign launched by KFC Innovations Lab, started this year. The lab has since created exclusive products like the KFC limited clothing line, the Colonel Sanders cat climber and the Colonel Sanders floatie, according to its Indiegogo page.

The lab was created to bring even more of these ideas to life while also giving chicken fans the chance to be a part of the process.

In December, KFC had another innovative product – a firelog that smelled like fried chicken. These logs weren't available on Indiegogo and sold out in hours.

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