Hamilton student, 15, set for gallery opening of fashion line

David Mathews is just 15, but at 7 p.m. tonight he will be unveiling his fashion line at Hamilton’s Strauss Gallery.

David Stark, who manages the Artspace Hamilton Lofts at 222 High St., a facility that houses the Strauss Gallery, said Mathews’ fashion line “is very creative.”

“His style in fashion is totally on point with modern teenage trends, no doubt,” Stark said. “But it’s equally remarkable by the fact that he’s doing this as a young man himself.”

“From the graphic and styling perspective, it possesses a sort-of simplicity but catchiness,” Stark said.

“It also evokes some of the freedoms to play and think outside of the rules, while still being focused on doing good and participating within the community,” Stark said. “It is OK to be wild for the right purposes and context.”

Mathews, who attends Hamilton Freshman School, said the idea behind his Wild Idea Apparel is to spread the message, “Think different, think bigger. Don’t stay in this box that society puts you into. So I want those creative minds to branch out and wear a creative brand that fits them.”

So far, products include shirts, leggings, hats and a hoodie, he said. They will be available at the event, and also online at www.wildideaapparel.com.

Mathews said people too often let who they are be shaped by what they see on television and social media.

“Over time, we try to fit into this box,” he said. “We think in the box. I say we think outside the box. That’s a wild idea, you know?”

Samantha Pohlman, one of Mathews’ teachers from eighth grade when he was at Wilson Middle School, said, “David actually started talking with me about this last year.”

“He said, ‘I don’t think there’s enough for young men my age, and what we want to see in clothing,’” Pohlman said.

He then started creating a business plan for what became David Mathews Fashion LLC with its Wild Idea Apparel.

“I have never seen, really, such passion and fire in the eyes of an eighth grader, ever,” she added.

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