The mega-hits of two classic rock bands in one event at RiversEdge

This tribute band stars former vocalist/guitarist for Boston

BOSTYX featuring David Victor — formerly of Boston — will appear in concert at RiversEdge on Thursday, Aug. 31 as part of tribute band month. BOSTYX will bring an evening of tunes from two classic rock icons — Boston and Styx — all into one power-packed performance.

The Baked Potatoes will open the show.

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BOSTYX will perform many of 1980’s best-loved hits, including “More Than a Feeling,” “Come Sail Away,” “Lady” and “Foreplay / Long Time” as well as other favorites like Styx’s “Crystal Ball” and Boston’s “A Man I’ll Never Be.”

On stage, Victor will be joined by bandmates Glenn Jost (drummer and singer,) Roby Duron (guitarist,) Manny Aguirre (bass) and Victor Bender (keyboards).

We talked to David Victor, vocalist/guitarist of BOSTYX to find out what concertgoers can expect from the evening. Victor has appeared on two North American tours with Boston in 2012 and 2014. He also sang on the band’s No. 1 hit “Heaven On Earth.”

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your time with Boston?

A: “I joined Boston in 2009 and started working with Tom Scholz, the founder, on the album that eventually came out in 2014, which was called ‘Life, Love & Hope.’ I recorded a couple of songs, and it was kind of like my audition for the band, and made it past that. They didn’t tour until 2012, so I was actually in the band for three years before anybody knew about it. Then, we did the 2012 tour, which was on the East Coast and in the Midwest. That was obviously a lot of fun with big stages, lots of people and a full production. In 2013, we did the ‘Boston Strong’ benefit. We played in the Boston Garden, which was the first time that Boston had played there in 25 years, at the time. Obviously, it was a sold-out event, benefitting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. We played there with Aerosmith, J. Geils Band and New Kids on the Block – all the famous New England-area bands. In 2014, I went back on tour, playing with Boston, and did that tour.”

Q: How did you form BOSTYX?

A: “In 2011, I had been in the band with Boston for a couple of years, and I started doing some of the music live. I wanted to be ready when the tour would happen. The tour is always announced in November or December. We’d get a phone call saying, ‘Hey, we’re going out next year.’ So, I thought, ‘Well, let me do a band where we do some Boston music and Styx music, and that way, I’ll get to practice some of the more obvious songs for Boston.’ After I left the band (Boston,) we kept BOSTYX going, and it’s been a fun tribute to do. There aren’t too many tribute bands that have a former member of the actual band in them, so it’s a little bit higher end kind of a product for a (tribute) band.”

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Q: How did forming BOSTYX prepare you for your time with Boston?

A: “It was great. As soon as I showed up, I knew all the music. I didn’t have all the guitar parts exactly right, but I knew all of the songs, or at least the hits that the band was going to do. It was directly preparing me for the experience of touring with the band. I had a jump start. My vocals were ready, and we were doing all the songs in the original key, which is important because a lot of bands can’t get to those notes. It contributed to successful touring and being ready to play.”

Q: What’s your BOSTYX show like and how does it play out on stage?

A: “Normally, we’ll lean toward the Boston side. Obviously, with my experience with Boston, we have a few more Boston fans that come to see us. But people really like Styx, too. The music fits together very well. They are both progressive rock sounds for the time, so they blend together well. In fact, Boston and Styx toured together in 2008. For the most part, we’ll do a couple of Boston songs, then our drummer Glenn will sing a Styx song. Then, we go back and forth. It’s fun. It keeps it interesting. We are fortunate, everybody in the band can sing lead if they need too, so it’s a strong harmony group, and we like to emphasize the vocal harmonies.”

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What: BOSTYX will be in concert on Thursday, Aug. 31 at RiversEdge. The Baked Potatoes will open the show.

When: Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; first set 6:30 p.m. and second set 8:30 p.m.

Where: RiversEdge Amphitheater, 116 Dayton St., downtown Hamilton

Admission: Free

More info: and

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The RiversEdge line-up in August will feature tribute bands, kicking off with Back In Black (an AC/DC tribute band,) who will return on Thursday, Aug. 10. Hollywood will open the show for Back In Black.

August Tribute Band Line-Up at RiversEdge :

Aug. 10 – Back In Black (AC/DC tribute) with Hollywood

Aug. 17 – Rumours (Fleetwood Mac tribute) with Strum n' Honey

Aug. 24 – Natural Wonder (Stevie Wonder) with Lieutenant Dan's New Legs

Aug. 31 – BOSTYX (featuring David Victor formerly of Boston) with The Baked Potatoes

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