The internet has fallen in love with this Ohio couple —who’s head over ‘yams’ for each other

Sharing an elephant ear, walking hand in hand through the pig barn... The county fair is the perfect place to show off your budding romance.

On Friday, Tristan Gear posted a photo of a couple at an Ohio fair wearing T-shirts that made it crystal clear they were sweethearts, or rather, sweet potatoes.

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“She’s my sweet potato.” The man’s shirt read. She posed, smiling while slightly leaning toward her beau with a shirt reading “I yam.” A classic fall pun executed with perfect poise.

The photo was taken at the Columbiana Street Fair in northeast Ohio last weekend.

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The Facebook post has reached almost 38K shares, with more than 11K comments. The couple obviously made a great wardrobe choice before heading to the fair.

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