Tailgating for tonight’s Bengals game? Local experts offer tips on meats to grill

Credit: Patrick Foose

Credit: Patrick Foose

Preparing a meal on a grill in a parking lot outside of a football stadium is one of the signs the summer is over.

Selecting the right type of meat for a tailgate meal is an important decision, but there probably isn’t a wrong choice, but Jen Kummerle, co-owner of Liberty Farm Market has a suggestion.

“You want steaks,” Kummerle said. “You want to have the fat in them. That is a better steak. The ribeye is a fantastic grilling steak because it has a little more fat. That is the go to.”

Kummerle, along with her husband Kip have been in the beef business for more than two decades raising and selling grass-fed beef at Liberty Farm Market in Liberty Twp.

You can find locally sourced chicken, pork, lamb and turkey at their market. The beef mostly comes from Windy Knoll Farm in Adams County.

“The beef is all pasture raised and 100% grass fed,” Kummerle said. “It has more flavor to it, a much more robust flavor.”

The meat sold at Liberty Farm Market is frozen, so you’ll need to thaw it before the tailgate. Then Kummerle has advice on how to prepare it.

“Bring it to room temperature, then salt it and bring the grill temperature up real high,” Kummerle said. “Since it is grass fed, you only need a couple of minutes on each side, remove from heat and let it sit without touching it for 10-15 minutes.

“Then slice the steaks, so people can just grab a piece. Like buffet style along with the other things you have at a tailgate like Italian sausages, hamburgers or hot dogs.”

The market sells all of those items too, including hamburger patties. Along with Rosebud’s Natural Seasonings, Ben’s Sweet and Hot BBQ sauces, all from local vendors. The market on Princeton Rd. carries a range of seasonal produce to help round out your tailgate meal.

If you’re looking for meat with a bit less preparation time, Special T Meats makes their own sausages including brats, metts and hot meats which are great for tailgating.

“All made in house with pure pork trim,” Special T Meats owner Jeremy Toulouse said. “No fillers, not much fat which means not much grease. You can’t beat the flavor.”

The smoked sausages are precooked and you can toss them right on the grill. The other varieties may take a little time to prepare in advance.

“The fresh sausages you want to partially boil them before you head to the game,” Toulouse said. “Place them in a pan with water just to cover the link, boil it off and the inside should be good. Chill them down and then when you get to the game brown them on the grill.”

The shop also makes its own ⅓ pound hamburger patties packaged and ready for you to take to your pregame festivities.

Special T Meats smokes its own pulled pork and St. Louis Style ribs over hickory wood and those are available for purchase if you’re looking for something to ‘heat and eat.”

“We have six varieties of pepperoni sticks and three types of beef jerky,” Toulouse said.

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