Honorary Jam!lton Mayor David Shaw has upbeat view of hometown

David Shaw, lead singer of The Revivalists, will be Hamilton’s mayor for a day Sept. 9, when he and the band play the David Shaw Big River Get Down festival at Hamilton’s RiversEdge amphitheater.

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Here are 3 things Shaw recently had to say about his hometown:

1. ‘More sense of pride’ in Hamilton

“It’s coming up. It’s coming back,” Shaw said of Hamilton. “There’s a lot of things happening there. It’s kind of amazing. I’m very happy for the city, and I’m very hopeful. … there’s a lot of newness spurring out of what the city manager is doing, and people are starting to have more of a sense of pride about the city.”

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2. Festival shows Hamilton’s ‘cool’ factor

“I think this festival is one of those things that they can really kind-of begin to look forward to, as something that’s cool,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Cool things happen in this city.’ It just takes people to believe in that place, and to bring it there. That was the original inspiration for the festival.”

3. Residents are turning Hamilton around

“For the longest time, there was this negative connotation to the city, and I think everyone kind-of fell victim to it,” he said.

"It was like, Hamilton — oh Hamilton. But now, you mention Hamilton and it's not that, at all," Shaw said. "There's really just this sense of pride, and I think it's just going to continuously be getting better. And honestly, it starts with the people. Because it has to come from the people that live there."

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