Frankie Muniz’s cat 'destroyed' actor’s home and 'everything I own'

‘Malcolm in the Middle’ star tweeted destruction feline caused while he was out of town

Frankie Muniz's home is in a state of disarray, and he has his cat to blame.

The 32-year-old actor detailed his recent misfortune in a series of tweets last week, describing how he traveled to France for his uncle's funeral and came home to a flooded house.

"I arrived home from my uncle's funeral to find 4 of my 5 story brownstone home under 3 feet of water," Muniz tweeted. "Everything I own, destroyed. Every wall, piece of artwork, personal photos, furniture... All because my cat accidentally turned on a sink a few days ago while we were gone."

"I'm devastated and exhausted from a tough week with the loss of my Uncle Skip, 45 hours of travel to and from France to walk in to find this disaster," he continued. "I've cried more yesterday and today then my whole life combined. Forgive me for venting. I just need some support."

Muniz acknowledged the bizarre nature of his story, but swore he wasn't lying.

"I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear it's true," he tweeted. "You wouldn't believe the destruction."

Muniz's bad luck apparently continued into the weekend, when he announced on Twitter that he also had to evacuate the hotel where he was staying following the flooding in his home.

"Just woke up to fire alarms and had to evacuate the hotel we are staying in because of what happened to our house," he wrote on Saturday. "This has been an eventful week."

While Muniz didn't share where his flooded home is, he has shared photos of his pets on Instagram in the past, captioning an April photo of his cat, "Jeri just thinks she owns the place!"

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