Murals coming to Hamilton as part of the StreetSpark program this year. CONTRIBUTED

3 Hamilton buildings will be newly decorated with murals in this year’s StreetSpark program

Two of the murals were designed by area art teachers, from Hamilton and Oak Hills high schools, and the other was designed by a local muralist and graphic designer. They will be painted on prominent Hamilton buildings, probably between May and July, said Jennifer Acus-Smith, StreetSpark’s program manager.

The new murals include:

“He’s got a really, really nice realistic style and it’s very impressive,” Acus-Smith said about Loehle. “I wanted something really eye-catching to go at that site, because that’s such a highly trafficked location, and a lot of people will be seeing that and enjoying it.”

The statue depicted is called Hebe, Nymph of Brooks and Streams, and was Hamilton’s original public drinking fountain, an 1890 gift to the city from First National Bank.

“It has all of the sort-of iconic Lindenwald buildings,” Acus-Smith said. “Maybe some of them aren’t there anymore. They’re places that people who grew up in Lindenwald will know and remember.”

Acus-Smith said the committee that chose the winning designs liked that the mural “really focused on the youth, the kids who are using that center and are the future.”

In the mural, which includes images of plants, “the kids are sort-of being planted, and are growing in that soil there, and they’re going to blossom, and bloom into something great,” she said. The figures within the mural’s yellow bubbles represent past heroes from the area, and things children can become in the future, she added.

“It’s a variety of styles, which is great to see,” said Acus-Smith. “We’re thrilled with them. We had some really good choices this year. It’s never an easy decision, but definitely some standout designs this year.”

StreetSpark now is interviewing people wishing to paint the murals. The StreetSpark program, in its fourth year, is a partnership between the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the city of Hamilton and Hamilton Community Foundation. In previous summers, eight murals were painted on buildings.

The winning selections were chosen from among 44 designs submitted by 30 artists. The selection committee was made up of arts professionals. Goals of StreetSpark include beautifying the city and also highlighting Hamilton’s artistic leanings.