‘Anyone can kill’: Dayton detective Doyle Burke talks Jolynn Ritchie, the microwave baby killer and axe murders in Dayton in podcast

Anyone can kill.

That's one of the lessons Doyle Burke, a retired Dayton homicide detective, said he took from his 30-year career with the city's police department.

Burke, now the Warren County coroner's chief investigator, sat down with "What Had Happened Was" host Amelia Robinson to talk about some of the cold-blooded murders he and his team help bring to justice.

They are among the most notorious killers this city has ever seen: child killer Jolynn Ritchie, the Christmas killers, the Dayton mom who microwaved her own infant, a triple axe murder and a supposed Satan worshiper who preyed upon Dayton's elderly.

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Burke dives deep into some of the 800 murders he’s investigated in his new book “Death As a Living: An Inside Look into the World of Death Investigation.”

He wrote the book with Lou Grieco, a longtime Dayton Daily News courts, crime and public safety reporter.

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Pre-orders of the book (paperback, $14.99 or Ebook, $8.99) are being taken on inkshares.com/. Nearly 1,000 copies have already been sold.

Doyle tells Amelia why a 16-year-old girl was the hardest person he ever interviewed, why a judge told him to lie in court and how he tricked the media to read a child killer.



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