How to play interactive games and puzzles

Subscribers have access to the Crossword and Jumble puzzles that appear in the printed paper

You can play interactive games and puzzles on your computer or mobile device. They are available at or directly from the ePaper.

To play subscriber-only games:

Choose a game from the list below and click to open. If you are not already logged in to, you will need to log in.

To play free games (no account needed):

1. Navigate to in your browser

2. Find a game you’d like to play and simply click the image for that game

3. Follow the instructions to play

For more information on how to access subscriber or free games follow these steps

To access via browser go to to launch the games site. You will be taken to the home page.

To access from the web version ePaper, open the menu in the upper right corner of the ePaper and select QUICK LINKS and then Puzzles & Games.

To access games and puzzles from the ePaper app, from the main page select the games icon from the bottom right corner.

Once you land on the Games home page, from the main navigation bar you can choose the type of games you want to play by selecting Daily, Seasonal Games, Word, Card, Puzzles, Casino or other options. Or you can enter a search term to find a specific game. You can also scroll down in the home page to see all of these categories and all of your choices.

Select a game you want to play by clicking or double tapping the game tile. It will launch the game and allow you to Play the game, bookmark the game, add a shortcut to your desktop or ask questions using the Player Support icon.

Selecting Play will launch the game after a short, paid advertising video. After the video, the game is interactive and you can play with your mouse, cursor, touch pad, touchscreen or Apple pencil.

How to complete the LA Times Crossword Puzzle

Click/tap on the desired square. The clue will appear directly above the puzzle as well as in the across/down list on the right, and the highlighted color will show which direction the clue applies to. Type your answer into the squares and then select the next square. To change answer, type over the original response. Use your spacebar, backspace, or delete key to clear a square.

The LA Times Crossword Puzzle is the one that appears in the newspaper every day. You can play the game online, or just check your answers.

Be competitive – use the running clock to beat your best score!

The navigation bar at the top will help you set preferences, validate your answers, or obtain help.

Click the video below to see a tutorial of how to launch and play an interactive game.

If you have questions about how to use any of our digital products, please check out the articles in this document. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at or call us at 1-877-267-0018.