Is coaching the Browns more appealing than coaching the Bengals?

I usually hate giving publicity to dumb listicles but this is so ridiculous I couldn’t help myself.

On what planet is the Browns job more desirable than the Bengals?

The case isn’t made above, where having a few good defensive players and a lot of draft picks they’ll probably blow are the only positives in Cleveland.

The Bengals have a far superior roster now, and it is relatively young.

They have a stud receiver and several quality complements plus a strong one-two punch at running back.

The offensive line is a big problem that will be hard to fix quickly.

Andy Dalton has issues, but the Bengals quarterback situation is still better than about half the league and his contract allows you to move on as soon as you find someone else.

Knowing you’ve got a shot to win 8-10 games right away without doing much more than lighting a fire under some talented vets has to be appealing, right?

No matter who the Browns coach is next year, they’re still going to be bad. That will immediately put the coach on the hot seat for 2019.

Sounds great, huh?

The most insane part of this list though is the job security aspect in that it’s somehow viewed as a bad thing for the Bengals while Jimmy Haslam’s propensity to meddle and blow things up every other year is not?

Gimme a break….

Source: Ranking best NFL potential head coach openings in 2018

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